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9th Games for Health Europe Conference

7 & 8 October 2019

TAC Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Games for Health Europe Conference

The Games for Health Europe Conference is the annual two days global conference where professionals in “care and cure”, scientists, game designers, pharma, technicians and business developers come together to learn from each other, to share experiences, to see and create cutting-edge opportunities for applied games. Take for example games to stimulate self-management skills for patients, to support patients to deal with chronic disease or to train medical professionals at particular skills like for laparoscopy or robotic surgery.

Conference theme 2019: Playful Intelligence

What is playful intelligence?
Playful intelligence tells us how playfulness can influence the inner and outer aspects of adult life. In fact, it all is about a change in behavior for which serious or applied games are the perfect tools. If we look at the research we see that playful intelligence is an extension of intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence as described by American development psychologist Howard Gardner. Intrapersonal intelligence is related to our own behavior, feelings and emotions. Meanwhile, interpersonal intelligence addresses other people’s mood, motivation and intentions. Playful intelligence is a combination of these two.

Why is playful intelligence so important?
Play is in our genes, it is an essential part of our intellectual system. In the early days of our lives, there is only play. Speech, learning to walk, or how to ride a bike, is all based on play. It has been proven that we learn faster and better by playing than from reading a book. A change of behavior is more easily achieved by play, although millions of money are still spent on campaigns, e.g. to cease smoking, to avoid fast food, to influence social behavior and so on. Let us, the Games for Health Europe community, put our money where our mouth is and take playful intelligence to the next level. It is absolutely necessary to assure sustainable and affordable health.

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“The enthusiasm and innovation of the participants and audience is quite different from any other ‘tech’conference I have attended and it really feels like somewhere where things are made, business is done, and a family of global enthusiasts get together to talk openly about how to move games for health forward.”

Richard Brady, Senior Colorectal Surgery Fellowship (UK)

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“I enjoyed our session and the rest of the Games for Health Europe conference very much because of the important, clinically relevant topics covered and the mixed, enthusiastic audience.”

Dorien Nieman, Associate professor Head of Cognition Lab and coordinator Ultra High Risk outpatient clinic Academic Medical Centre, Dept. of Psychiatry (NL), Keynote Speaker 2015

“The whole event was delighted with real scientific vanguard contents. I enjoyed and was honored to be part of our panel, also so excellently chaired.”

Denis Fompeyrine, CEO MyndBlue, PhD Clinical Psychology, MBA HEC (FR), Speaker 2015

“One of the reasons I enjoy Games for Health Europe so much is the sense of positivity and collaborative effort. As well as the game makers, financiers and commentators, there will also be clinicians, patient representatives and politicians.”

John Harrison, Principal Consultant Metis Cognition Ltd. (UK), Conference host since 2013

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